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TYPE C to VAG adapter cable

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 1、USB3.1-Type c TO VGA Aluminum alloy (Merged Model) that can be worked on Mobile phone,MAC BOOK,tablet computer                          2、Size of C-type's connector plug is the same small as micro usb, about 8.3mm*2.5mm that can be bear of ten thousand insert and withdraw again and again
3、MAX transmission speed reach up 50GP/S that faster one time than 3.0. Matched with the C-TYPE connectors’ standard specification, the cable can pass the current of 3-5A 
4、with IC chip, L:20cm nickel plated, (7/0.06T*1P+D+AL+HM)*4C+7/0.08T*1P+7/0.06T*3C+7/0.127T*2C+F+2D+AL,JACKET PVC BLACK.OD:3.8mm

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